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Welcome to Pest Animal Alexandria ! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Alexandria , VA. We understand that coming across a critter in your home or place of work is less than pleasant, and that' s why we offer both same and next-day appointments. We' ll definitely tick all the boxes if you' re looking for a fast, effective service!

Fully trained, licensed, and insured, you' ll find that our service just can' t be beaten in terms of attention to detail, and we' ll cover every nook and cranny of your home to ensure no hidden rodent hole or patch of raccoon damage is left unnoticed and un-repaired.

If you think you might have a wild critter invader in your building, give us a call today. Our phone line operators are available 24/7, and they can even book you an appointment with one of our control specialists within 24 hours. (That' ll come in mighty handy if you' re faced with a venomous snake or similar!)
Call us now at 703-881-3164 for your Alexandria wildlife control needs.

About Pest Animal Alexandria and Our Services:

Same-day or next-day appointments.

Thorough inspection of your property and attic.

Humane wildlife trapping and exclusion.

We repair wildlife damage and prevent re-entry.

We offer attic cleanup and sanitation services.

Fully Virginia licensed and insured.

Poison-free Alexandria rodent control - rats and mice.

Dead animal removal, inside and outside.

Alexandria snake removal and prevention.

Alexandria bird control services.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Service Range

Our Service Range

We service all of the greater Washington DC area, mostly on the Virginia side, but we will do some jobs in Maryland.

Alexandria Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: How to get Squirrel Out of Your Attic

Squirrels are funny little fur balls running around your yard and hopping through trees. They are a lot of fun to watch …right. That is until they move into your Alexandria house. Squirrels are always looking for a quiet spot close to food and water where they can set up housekeeping. This is especially important during breeding season. They also need a warm and comfortable place they can weather the cold winters. Your attic is just the perfect spot. Once you determine that there are squirrels in your attic, act quickly to take proactive measures to be rid of them. The presence of these destructive rodents is far too common a sight in attics around the country. If you hear scrabbling, scratching, banging, and jumping from above your head, it is most likely Virginia squirrels in your attic.

Squirrels in your attic are noisy, destructive, and dangerous. Getting rid of them is difficult because most methods of rodent control do not work on Virginia squirrels. There are of solutions available. You can choose from many poisons and kill traps on the market, but those are dangerous, gory, and messy. You must use multiple traps, find the right type of bait, and check them often. Cleaning up and disposing of bloated and bloody carcasses can be nasty business as well. Live traps are easier to use, readily available, and not expensive. You can choose from a standard “box style” live trap that catches them one at a time. This uses a pressure plate that is attached to a central trigger, the bait is placed atop the pressure plate, the rigger its set, and Voila! The Alexandria squirrel goes for the bait and the door slams shut trapping it.

You can try an exclusion funnel that can handle a number of Alexandria squirrels at once. Exclusion funnels can be set to simply “lock” the squirrels out by allowing them to leave but not return, or can be rigged with a cage that will trap the squirrels for re-location. The one-way funnel or exclusion trap is the perfect solution for ridding any building of squirrels. They are easily hidden from the squirrel because they appeal to its natural curiosity by appearing to be a crawlspace. They use the existing hole made by the squirrel as the entrance to the trap so they do not alert the animal to danger. They require no bait, poison, or special tools to operate. Either one of these styles can be easily made with a few inexpensive materials such as quarter-inch hardware cloth and wood screws. The whole thing is ready to install in just a few minutes. Attaching it to the building usually requires just a small number of screws and installation is quick. The one-way funnel is quarter-inch hardware wire rolled into the shaped of a funnel. It is attached to the outside of the building with the wide opening covering the original hole that the Virginia squirrel made to access the building. The narrow end is just big enough for the creature to escape the funnel, but the small funnel end closes down when the squirrel exits leaving a hole too small for re- entry. When the squirrel returns it realizes too late that it cannot get back in. The exclusion funnel door or tube works on the same principal. A square door hinged one way is placed on the squirrels' hole. When the squirrel exits, the attic to feed it leaves through its normal exit. This takes it through an easily moved one-way door leading to a wire cage. The cage has no other exit and when the squirrel tries to back track it finds the door unmovable.