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Ways to Kill a Rodent

Rodents are pests, living in our Alexandria homes and affecting our lives in a disturbing way. As they can represent a nuisance or a potential health threat pest control needs to be performed. One of the possibilities is, of course, to kill the rodent. As killing the rodent can´t never be completely humane, however, a proper killing can reduce the pain and suffering to the minimum. There is a big difference between the humane and cruel way of killing the rodent, no matter what they are still living and breathing little creatures and deserve to be treated that way. There is absolutely no need to use glue traps or poison baits, which cause enormous pain and suffering to the Virginia animals. They aren´t effective and may be potentially dangerous to your children or pets.

Before jumping to the next step, first of all, you need to locate and seal the entering points, where Virginia rodents are coming into the house. There is really no point in killing rodents if you don´t stop their entering because they will just keep on coming and everything else is going to be pointless. Once the building is closed and shut you need to look for the ones inside and get rid of them.

Humane ways to get rid of Alexandria rodents:
• Trapping; the most productive with immediate effect is achieved by using a snap trap. They can be set to a very sensible level in order to react quickly and with great force.
• Asphyxiation by CO2; is the only officially approved method of executing the rodent, where common materials found in the household can be used. While this is quite a complicated procedure it would be best to consult with a veterinarian or even just let him do what has to be done.
• Blunt trauma to the head; use this option only if you know what you are doing.
• Killing with a projectile; for trained Virginia professionals only.
• Breaking the neck; again, be certain you know how to do it.
• Reconsider the options; one of them is a live cage trap and relocation to another environment. However, as recent studies show, up to 90% of relocated animals die anyway in a very short period of time (48 hours) after relocation has been performed.

What you need to keep in mind is that whatever method is going to be chosen, the goal that has to be achieved is the minimum pain and suffering and immediate death of the Alexandria rodent. Any kind of torture or prolonged suffering should be excluded. If there is a possibility hire a professional help or even take the animal to the local vet, who is trained to do this kind of procedure properly.

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