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Communication in Rodents

In scientific classification of animals “Rodentia” is an order which is largest group of Mammals consisting of more than 1500 rodent species. Commonly known Alexandria rodents are mice, mouse, squirrels, hamsters etc. All animals have some language that is understandable by the member of only that group. That language is often based on some signals sounds messages that distinguish that group or species from other. As far as the communication in the rodents is concerned it is generally done through the Pheromones.

Pheromone is chemical that is produced by Virginia rodents to communicate their behavior to another rodent. Pheromone can be called as the base for the social interaction among animals; the interaction among rodents through pheromone is done for many purposes. But how this pheromone can help in communication? Actually the most pheromones are in the form of smell and rodents are mostly responded to smell.

How this smell is translated and communicated it was discovered by Linda Buck and Richard Axel, when they discovered the variability of 1000 olfactory receptors in the mouse. The odorant molecules produced by rodents are perceived by the receptor part of the rodents, it travels to olfactory neurons which sense them in the nose of Alexandria rodents, and this odorant then stimulates nerve which sends signals to brain. Specially taking mouse from the rodents the nose of mouse carries chemosensory receptors which perceive smell and send it to a collection point glomerulus. When olfactory bring same message to glomerulus it creates an organization of chemosensory reception, when odorant stimulates the receptors it tells the brain about the specific molecule that have been smelled.

These smell signals can communicate to Virginia rodents about the location of animal, if we take the example of mice it spreads odor in its location which can be a signal for other rodents. Likewise, these pheromonal signaling can also identify any threat to animals, availability of food, and sexual attraction. In short, all their basic communication and interaction are done by these chemical signals.

As said earlier that pheromone can be used is identifying the location and the researches have proved that in laboratory even the social setting of mice and mouse get changed due to change environment and change in pheromone. Same like this research study have shown that sexual attraction among the rodents also get changed if the mice is changed with mouse, it alters its own scent behavior with the change of mice. Another characteristic or type of pheromone is “alarm pheromone” animals often release alarm pheromone in the time of danger or threat but as far as rodent are concerned these Alexandria rodents releases pheromone with defensive and watchful attitude, like according to research on mice in the time of stress when mice gets the odor of stress, threat or danger it shows the defensive behavior like running, climbing etc.

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