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How to Identify Fox Tracks?

Fox is a small to medium sized animal, belongs to kingdom Animalia, class Mammalia and order carnivore. By weight foxes are found in 5 kg to 11 kg. Its bushy tail and long ears is the most distinct feature of Alexandria fox. Fox belongs to dog' s family and resembles with it. But fox is not very big like other members of dog family like jackals, wolves etc. Fox belongs to order carnivore so often prey other animals like rabbits, lizards, birds, squirrels and birds' eggs. Adaptation is the feature of the fox and it can adjust itself according to the environment so when meat is not available to Virginia fox it eat fruits etc.

Fox is generally found in forest and woodland areas but it can be found in urban areas as well. Generally it is considered that Virginia foxes are dangerous for human and pets or other animals but it is said that foxes are not dangerous to all pets but yes to those which are favorite to fox. It often attacks rabbits because rabbit is its favorite prey, but on an animal like cat or dog it won' t attack. But what if you want to trace a fox for any reason? To trace the track of any animal it is suggested the time period and environment must be chosen such which can be helpful in tracing the track so mud area and snow covered ground is best option whether it is difficult to foot prints of any Alexandria animal on harder track. Another important point that must be taken into consideration before tracking knows the size of animal' s feet being traced.

When tracing the track of the fox a point that shouldn' t be ignored is that fox is a canine and the tracks of the canines often matches with each other which seems like oval shape, triangular heel pad with four toe pads. All canines leave foot track in a systematic way, but if all canine have same foot prints what can be the point of identifying fox tracks. Fox' s foot size will be little smaller than other few canines like Alexandria wolves, other point of identification can be the pattern of footsteps i.e. wild canine do not walk all around like domestic canines so their footstep will be more visible then messy one.

Foxes are nocturnal mammals which mean Alexandria fox prey at night after the sunset so tracking and identifying the tracks of fox can be done at night. But if it becomes difficult to identify track at night early morning timings can be better option for finding fox track. Scats can be another clue for identifying fox track like other canine fox' s scat is often partly segmented shaped and thin. The length of fox scat varies from 3-6 inches which can be helping point for the identification of fox track.

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